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going with Coco.

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

There is always an occasion for a dress, or a dress-suit! I love that I always feel classy and fabulous in both.

sound of silence dress 2013

{  2013 – Sound of Silence  }


After Five was a terrific curation of The Darnell Collection recently exhibited at the Newcastle Art Gallery. It was a wonderful reminder of why I love dresses, ensembles, attention to detail and getting dressed up.

I identified with it all – from the provenance of the collection, to the many layers of artisans and cultures behind the creation of each dress, to the women who wore the garments and the stories enraptured and captured within the folds of each piece. It was refreshing, like a sweet cool breeze across my skin after a wild night in polyester. It revived the meaning of dress-making and design for me.

We make dresses like “Waiting for Jack” for all time. And boy, have we heard some stories from the women wearing this particular dress – of heartbreak, of hope, and crazy adventure!

waiting for jack 2005waiting for jack 2005waiting for jack 2005waiting for jack 2009waiting for jack 2013waiting for jack 2013

{  2005, 2009, 2013 – Waiting for Jack  }


Perhaps romantic escapism is the way we approach our designs… I don’t think it would matter if we were making an ensemble for a zombie film or for a sci-fi future, we will always want to make fabulous dresses.

madness with the bliss 2010madness with the bliss 2011Madness with the bliss dressmadness with the bliss 2013

{  2010, 2011, 2013 – Madness with the Bliss  }


And the thing that holds strong and true is that we never tire of our dresses. Be it 2005, 2013 or 2320, the way we see it, dresses are transcendental.

“Fashion fades only style remains…” yea – we’re with you, Coco.

She sees her own ReflectionShe sees her own Reflection

{  2009 – She sees her own reflection  }


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It takes three to Tango… really.

We twisted and tangled our dear friends Julio Braslavsky and Jessika Schaad from Tango Infierno to tango for us at the Newcastle City Council for International Women’s Day event.

I was just thinking about how lovely it was, this Tango they performed under the magnificently huge Earth Ball installation at the Newcastle Museum, and how beautifully they danced to Sentimiento Gaucho – a piece of tango music sung by Argentinean Nelly Omar.

At her 100th birthday last year, Nelly Omar was still on stage, singing, strong as ever.
Such an amazing woman, full of attitude and energy for life – we are so inspired.

Jess looked stunning in the Madness with the Bliss dress with her incredibly high copper-coloured Tango stilettos, and Julio was gorgeous as always in his usual handsome style.


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Robin, me and Matinee.

When running a business becomes all too much and you question if it is really worth all the madness, a most wonderful thing happens that puts that smile back on your face – yes, it is all worthwhile!

I had a most wonderful time working in the store the other day, playing dress-up with an unassuming customer. When she appeared from behind the change room, we looked at each other with smiles that said it all. The three of us knew it was meant to be. Robin, me and Matinee.

It’s these moments I treasure most as a maker, when a woman so comfortable in her own skin shines in a piece of Mrs Woo. Who would’ve thought, Robin was a closet supermodel too!

The funny thing was when I showed Mr B this picture, he said, “I know that lady! That’s Pat’s mum, Robin!” She is an old school friend’s mum and he’d been working on her property for the past few years. I had no idea! The world became even smaller in our sleepy town.

- Robin, you looked so beautiful and happy in our new dress “Me and Matinee” (well, it’s your dress now in fact ;) that you really made us feel very special. We love that you wore the dress home and got complimented on how beautiful you looked even before you got home! Thank you x Have a wonderful Christmas Day looking and being the fabulous person that you are :)



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You and Mrs Woo.

We held a story competition and these were the entries, the winner of the competition being Monika Viktoria.

Mrs Woo and the strange adventures of Monika Viktoria.

It is interesting the way one’s seemingly straightforward and normal life can suddenly take a twist and transform in a way you had not previously imagined possible. I lived above a little shop in Paddington, when one day a few doors down a little clothes boutique opened up: High Tea with Mrs. Woo. Even the name sent my imagination to faraway places, and brought alive the thoughts of strange scents and voices, quaint sights and the heavy veil of mystery. Over time I acquired a few pieces from this delightful little place, always eagerly listening to the stories that went into the creation of the collections.

When my ordinary life was becoming a bit too mundane, the girls from Mrs. Woo released their newest collection, “No Fixed Address.” The idea of exotic places hidden away, waiting to be visited tantalized me. Cleansing your overly cluttered life and packing a few essentials into a battered suitcase and heading out into the wild world was a thought that seemed strange and empowering. But I could never do that. I was a comfortable little mouse in my burrow, my various collected hoardings grouped around me in a protective nest, comforting me and tying me firmly to a fixed address.

One day, with my seemingly comfortable love life unraveling around me like a messy ball of twine, I visited High Tea with Mrs. Woo to escape the confusion around me for a while. Belinda was always kind and quick with a hug when a down-trodden little mouse needed one. I perused the shelves filled with nostalgia and whimsy. My fingers flicked between the rows of beautifully tailored garments, when one in particular caught my eye. A long dress woven from soft silver – the colour of the moon and mist and your breath on a chilly morning. This was a dress for me. At the counter Belinda happily chatted away whilst she searched for the tag, then stopped in surprise when she read out the name. “Love among the ruins.” I smiled. How very appropriate.

A short while later I said farewell to my fixed address. I said farewell to my mousy hovel, packed a few essentials into a battered bag and headed out into the wild world. I’ve watched the sun rise over the steppes of Hungary, and watched that same sun set behind the golden hills of Tuscany. I’ve drunk “fire-water” with nomads and red wine in a stone villa hundreds of years old. I’ve seen the moon shine on the other side of the world, and for that, I will never truly be the same.

So far my adventure has been amazing – frightening, wonderful, exciting, sometimes lonely, often unbelievable, but always incredible and utterly beautiful. I remember the spark of inspiration that urged me to embark on this grand adventure, in the form of a soft dress that reminded me of whispers and sighs, designed by three incredible sisters, found in a little shop in Paddington.

To all the wonderful ladies at High Tea with Mrs. Woo, I send all my love, and can’t wait to visit you again sometime in the near future, a little bit stronger, a little bit bolder, full of smiles and laughter and bursting with joy at how beautiful the world can be. Lots of love…



I thought I would share this little tale with you about my adventures in Mrs Woo.

My much loved High Tea pieces and I have shared many an exciting adventure together… exploring the slippery cobbled streets of Amsterdam in the depths of winter, hiking the stunning forests and coastlines of Italy (hiking should only ever be attempted in style, yes?), wandering the ancient ruins of Ani under a blazing Turkish sun and becoming lost in the twisting alleyways of old city Baku beside the shimmering Caspian Sea.

But perhaps my most treasured High Tea moment was in the Tushetian Mountains of Georgia. After a seven day hike across the 3450m Atsunta Pass from the region of Khevsureti to Tusheti, past animist shrines, looming stone watchtowers and remote military border patrols, we arrived in the tiny Tushetian village of Shenako. It was with immense relief that I pulled off my dusty hiking pants, sluiced myself clean with icy river water, and donned my favourite High Tea skirt that I had managed to keep clean in my backpack throughout the journey. That night we enjoyed an amazing feast and joined our host villagers around a celebratory bonfire. Needless to say my High Tea skirt received many an admiring glance from the local ladies!

All true! And I hope to have many more adventures in Mrs Woo!



inspiring stories are too many too list as i wear your gear to feel inspired and lo and behold, cart and horse… magic happens.

though i do remember this one time…

i was wearing a lovely woo collection of mint greens and florals, my best mates and i walked around the backyard of my parents house, and lo! there was just about everyone i love in the front yard, and my fella, dressed up in a bushrangers outfit – just one size too big. we exchanged pleasantries, and a few serious notes too, and then a huge storm erupted washing everyone into a fantastic tent that happened to be erected down the paddock. a few people sailed in on instruments, others on bicycles. a grand knees-up ensued and i didn’t want to leave, to sleep or change, so i just turned my dress outside in, and voila! new energy was created to celebrate all night and day, and night and day.

and another, 

i wore my mrs woo polka dot skirt to the Tamworth Regional Art Gallery to hear a fantastic artist talk. she was great. the art gallery manager and i got talking, my skirt being the first point of conversation. in my explaining that it was made by three amazing and inspiring sisters from Newcastle, the conversation expanded to inspirations and work, and the next thing i knew, she was showing me the back lot of the gallery! sitting there with all the old collections, she pulled out a magical piece of woven fabric, acquired during the last textile exhibition. i was just excited to be in the off-limits bits and see all the art hung up like drying tobacco, but seeing this piece of embroidery was like a special secret.



I love Mrs Woo for work. So much so that when I turn up in a new outfit, combination, or upside down/back to front variation, the inevitable compliment is now followed by a rhetorical Mrs Woo? Love it!



I always try to “Mrs Woo” when I have an important interview or class to teach.

Your creations are a talisman and they keep me strong and happy. The other thing that happens is people credit ME with your work… “Oh did you make your dress/top/skirt?” How lovely for me is that I ask you? I then slip into my happy spiel about you three and how I love you so much…Oh and the other thing… I like to take Mrs Woo on dates she is very good and important company! So there…



My collection of your wonderful creations has slowly been growing over the last few years, but with two little boys most of the time I just admire them hanging at the front of my wardrobe. I call them my “special” clothes and only wear them on child-free occasions so sticky little fingers and vomit do not ruin them.

Last saturday was one of these long awaited occasions and I was so excited to wear for the first time my “Miss Mary Mack” top on a shopping trip to Sydney. I had a fantastic day with my closest friends and i felt great in my beautiful Mrs Woo top. It is the small things in life that make me happy and wearing Mrs Woo clothes makes me smile from ear to ear :-)


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