Contained exhilaration is not nearly as exciting as its release... ~ Lorii Myers

Estabar – Newcastle Beach

Early mornings are my favourite time at Estabar, sitting along the window looking out to the ocean where I read the sky and write the ways for my day to unfold.

Rebecca Bowie is the clever woman behind this seaside gelati espresso bar.
I love the natural details and feel of Estabar and Rebecca’s simple and wholesome approach to food. Sourcing and connecting with coffee growers as well as local farmers for seasonal ingredients like avocados, and local produce like cheese, sourdough and smoked trout, Estabar’s menu is thoughtfully easy and delicious.

Single Origin Coffee is served – good beans, made by the right barista. They also brew their own hot chocolate blend which is in the Spanish style – true and rich. The icy cold fruit frappes are brilliant.


Sometimes, after a swim in the ocean and I’ve hip hopped across the hot asphalt road for a gelati, with the sweet sea in my hair and salty sun on my skin, it feels like I’m on a summer holiday by some Mediterranean seaside town where I’m far away from home.

Trading Hours

Open 7 days, 6:30am-6:00pm


Shop 1, 61 Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle NSW 2300

Words and photos by Rowena Foong
18th August, 2013

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