Contained exhilaration is not nearly as exciting as its release... ~ Lorii Myers

Nobby’s Breakwater – Newcastle

It’s not a big walk but it’s a great walk down this breakwater that comes off Nobby’s Lighthouse. Though more locally known as “the breakwall”, it’s about 1.5km from the carpark to the end of the walk where you’re pretty much standing out at sea.

This constructed peninsula was completed in 1883 by convict labour. There is a lovely crumbling shipwreck site and some sci-fi-like commissioned sculptures along the walk but what I love is the awesome feeling of being out on this outcrop, watching and walking in pace with some enormous coal ship moving in or out of the harbour. The view on the return walk shows a different and pretty amazing perspective of the city, harbour and surrounds.

To walk here is to breathe as the sky when it is with the sea.
The wind can be so sharp with fine sand as to whip you painfully and make you cry, or so wild and blustery as to completely sweep you off your feet.



Nobby’s Lighthouse, Newcastle East NSW 2300

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Words and photos by Rowena Foong
18th August, 2013

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