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going with Coco.

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

There is always an occasion for a dress, or a dress-suit! I love that I always feel classy and fabulous in both.

sound of silence dress 2013

{  2013 – Sound of Silence  }


After Five was a terrific curation of The Darnell Collection recently exhibited at the Newcastle Art Gallery. It was a wonderful reminder of why I love dresses, ensembles, attention to detail and getting dressed up.

I identified with it all – from the provenance of the collection, to the many layers of artisans and cultures behind the creation of each dress, to the women who wore the garments and the stories enraptured and captured within the folds of each piece. It was refreshing, like a sweet cool breeze across my skin after a wild night in polyester. It revived the meaning of dress-making and design for me.

We make dresses like “Waiting for Jack” for all time. And boy, have we heard some stories from the women wearing this particular dress – of heartbreak, of hope, and crazy adventure!

waiting for jack 2005waiting for jack 2005waiting for jack 2005waiting for jack 2009waiting for jack 2013waiting for jack 2013

{  2005, 2009, 2013 – Waiting for Jack  }


Perhaps romantic escapism is the way we approach our designs… I don’t think it would matter if we were making an ensemble for a zombie film or for a sci-fi future, we will always want to make fabulous dresses.

madness with the bliss 2010madness with the bliss 2011Madness with the bliss dressmadness with the bliss 2013

{  2010, 2011, 2013 – Madness with the Bliss  }


And the thing that holds strong and true is that we never tire of our dresses. Be it 2005, 2013 or 2320, the way we see it, dresses are transcendental.

“Fashion fades only style remains…” yea – we’re with you, Coco.

She sees her own ReflectionShe sees her own Reflection

{  2009 – She sees her own reflection  }


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