Contained exhilaration is not nearly as exciting as its release... ~ Lorii Myers

The Centenary Centre – Newcastle Harbour

Let me wander down the aisles of old things and memories of an antique centre, old wares, curios and collectibles store – over a new shopping centre – any day.

And the Centenary Centre is where you’ll find me and my sisters whenever we need a good browse, need to hunt for a little piece of treasure, or need to get out of our heads for awhile in order to find a texture or shape of inspiration. There is patina, wisdom and story in worn things that has always resonated with us.

It’s a pretty big centre with about 25 shops within, each with their own unique offerings and collections from a variety of eras and styles. Some of our favourites include old tools, rustic appliances and furniture, ceramics and kitchen ware – but to be honest, we keep ourselves totally open to possibility. Who knows what treasure we may find. That is truly the joy and beauty of this place.


There is also a wonderful Vintage Grocery Store Museum set up like an old corner store – with original fixtures, advertising signs and an amazing collection of stock and goods from the old days. The antiquated aesthetic and nostalgia of it all always brings a smile to my face.

Trading Hours

Open 7 days, 10:00am – 5:00pm


29 Centenary Road, Newcastle NSW 2300

Words and photos by Rowena Foong
18th August, 2013

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