KOME NO MEGUMI Candles (Set of 20) 30mins each

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Kome no megumi is a Japanese phrase for the blessings of rice. As a staple grain and a traditional marker of time, these candles made of rice bran wax serve to light any moment in your day. Each candle has a 30min burn time that you can time to bide or use.

The dedicated artisans of Takazawa Candle have been crafting these beautiful objects since 1842. Completely handmade and vegan, the KOME NO MEGUMI is made by traditional candle making techniques that result in very little smoke and producing a brigher light to modern paraffin candles. We are honoured to be able to enjoy these candles today.

SIZE large box set of 20 pieces

X MAKER B GALLAGHER Brass Holder XSmall Round is designed to hold this candle size, as well as the Tohaku S-Candle

BURN TIME 30min per candle

DIMENSIONS 7cm (height)

MATERIALS Rice bran wax, dried rush, washi (rice paper)