GIFT HAMPER - First Rain Aperitif set

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Featuring FIRST RAIN Sublime Aperitif - a beautiful collaboration between High Tea with Mrs Woo and Think Tank Distillery, this limited edition gift hamper includes delicious ingredients and utensils that are crafted by Australian makers, artists, growers and producers.

  • FIRST RAIN Sublime Aperitif 350ml, 25% Alcohol - distilled with pu-erh tea, chrysanthemum, tienchi ginseng and native anise myrtle with a generous dash of nostalgia
  • ORGANIC GINGER GARNISH 15g by Cultured Folk - organic ginger pickled with red perilla and dehydrated with ginger syrup makes this a crunchy, sweet and sour garnish with a bit of a kick
  • LIGHT TONIC 180ml x 2 by Strange Love
  • SUMMER BLEND HONEY 200g by Urbanhum - raw honey collected from rooftop beehives in Newcastle *please note that the honey naturally crystalises and candies over time
  • MUDDLE STICK by Heaven In Earth - maple wood
  • ROUND CUP x 2 by Sands Made - maple and chestnut wood
  • ARTWORK by Brett McMahon - ink drawing on aperitif label, hand-painted gift box package, print on organic cloth

We're thrilled to announce that the FIRST RAIN Sublime Aperitif won Silver Medal at the 2021 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

"Warm, toffee-toned liquid, clovey with a fruit cake spice that leads to a tannic, astringent feel on the finish... very well made and interesting, very bold flavours balance the sweetness..." ~ADSA judging panel

This unique and beautifully curated hamper is packaged with aperitif recipe and gift card, ready to go. Easy to order and pick-up in-store or we can send it as a gift on your behalf.

NOTE Please write your gift note in the comments section at Checkout. We'll include it with the gift hamper you wish to send.

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