KINTSUGI MENDING - Traveller's Kit

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CURRENTLY MADE-TO-ORDER | Production turnaround currently 2+ weeks.

This Traveller's Kintsugi Mending Kit contains a simple set of tools that's great for a curious beginner, ocassional mender or if you're looking for a gift idea. It is packaged in a handy and easy pouch to carry in your bag. This kit is also perfect for those of you who already have darning mushrooms and darning eggs, or who are on a slimmer budget.

NOTE Each purse is made with fabric cuttings (offcuts) from our studio so no two purse is exactly the same.

  • Notecard with QR Code to Kintsugi for Clothing tutorial
  • 1 selection of gold-coloured fabric patches - various natural fibre fabrics of linen and cotton
  • 1 card of cotton embroidery gold thread - 40m of thread per card
  • 1 set of sewing needles
  • 1 pair of snippers


Borrowing from the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold alloy, we’ve developed a kintsugi for clothing practice as a way to cherish and extend the life of our favourite garments by visible mending with gold thread.

WATCH OUR VIDEO TUTORIAL for Modified Eyelet Stitch as a kintsugi for clothing mending technique