3 x RAFFLE TICKETS - Fundraiser for Mend in Public Day

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FUNDRAISER for Gold-Mend in Public Day | 3 x RAFFLE TICKETS

Join HIGH TEA WITH MRS WOO on the streets for Fashion Revolution Week’s first global MEND IN PUBLIC DAY. The proceeds of this raffle will fund the costs of materials for us to provide Kintsugi for Clothing gold-mending resources to the public for FREE on Saturday 20th April, 2024.

FIRST PRIZE Signed copy of Wear Next: Fashioning the Future by Clare Press, High Tea with Mrs Woo zero-waste Tote Bag and Traveller's Mending Kit.

SECOND PRIZE High Tea with Mrs Woo Traveller's Mending Kit.

Raffle will be drawn in public on Saturday 6th April by 6PM AEST at Wear Next: Fashioning the Future by Clare Press book launch (Newcastle Writers Festival). If winners are not present when raffle is drawn, they will be notified by mobile phone on Sunday 7th April.

This raffle is available to Australian residents only.



Mend in Public Day stands as a beacon of change in a world inundated with fashion waste. By participating, you’ll be part of a global creative action resisting the cycle of excess through repair and reuse.

Learn a life skill – mend to extend the life of your clothing and textiles! We will be showing our local community Kintsugi for Clothing gold-mending techniques - valuing resources and belongings, stitching in protest against disposable fashion.

WHEN Saturday 20 April, 2004 from 10am–2pm


WHO All skill levels and Fashion Revolutionaries welcome!

LOCATION In the forecourt area outside our store - 18 Wolfe St, East End Retail Precinct

BRING a garment with a small hole (size of a 10c coin) and we will teach you how to visible mend with gold thread (kintsugi for clothing practice by High Tea with Mrs Woo)

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