Brass Candle Holder - Small Triangle

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maker. b gallagher x high tea with mrs woo x takazawa candles


The passage of time brings us to this collaboration of material, light and hand together. Inspired by the traditions and distinct shapes of Takazawa Candles, maker. b gallagher creates these brass holders by instinct and hand. No two are the same, echoing the beauty of the hand-rolled candles they are made to hold.

The hand-polished finish on these brass holders means that they will tarnish to a deep luscious patina in time. The peculiar and, at times, imperfect characteristics of these objects are what makes them unique.

*Gift packaged and includes polishing cloth.

X TAKAZAWA CANDLE Designed to hold Tohaku S-Candle, Tohaku M-Candle, Nanao Candles, Nanao-PLANT but can also hold Tohaku L-Candle and Kome no Megumi Candles

DIMENSIONS Approximately 3.5cm (height) x 7cm (diameter)



  • Gentle and regular rubbing of this item with a soft cloth will maintain its deep lustre.
  • Please refrain from using any artificial polishing agents as they can be too abrasive and will leave your item undesirably bright.
  • Use a sturdy thumb nail or blunt timber utensil to remove wax build up.
  • For deeper clean post wax removal, you can use 0000 steel wool.

ORIGIN Australia