CLOTH - CAYA Mitsou x Classiky cloth

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Caya is the Japanese word for mosquito net that is also traditionally produced as a cloth. The netted fabric is layered to produce an extremely absorbent and fast drying cloth that stays odour free for longer. The durable quality makes it great to use in the kitchen or bathroom - from washing plates to drying hands on the go.

This charming series of caya cloth by Classiky is a collaboration with illustrator Mariko Okumura (MITSOU) who has created a playful hand-lettered graphic for spotting ingredients and other hidden text.

Based in Kurashiki Japan, Classiky draw on traditional artisan techniques to create simple, enduring designs. Going on 50 years, they continue to produce an incredible range of items that makes every day more functional and enjoyable.

MATERIAL 100% Cotton - outer, 100% Rayon - inner, made in Japan

DIMENSIONS 30cm x 30cm

INSTRUCTIONS Wash in lukewarm water before first use to soften the cloth and dissipate its natural cellulose starches. This cloth is machine-washable. You can also sterilise it by briefly washing it in boiling water.