DAY 3 - Moving Mountains

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ONE DAY SPECIAL $185 (valued over $200) includes FREE SHIPPING

Today, we're presenting the incredible work of KIN OBJECTS to you. We're offering an exclusive gift experience set featuring -

  • KIN OBJECTS Karst or Caldera backflow incense terrarium ($125)
  • Special edition box of 20 mixed backflow incense scents ($20)
  • Special edition MRS WOO FABRICA - Large 80cm Furoshiki wrapping cloth ($55) 

*Limited availability!





KIN OBJECTS is the design collaboration of Miranda and Bill Yen. Based in Shanghai China, they draw on their unique blend of language and culture, identity and ancestory to create these fascinating objects. Each concrete piece is individually made by hand, the backflow incense and their scents are developed by traditional methods and historical sentiments.

The Caldera Terrarium and Karst Terrarium are unique interpretations of the modern incense holder. Cast in concrete, they are miniature geological formations contained in a glass cylinder that allow the backflow incense plume to descend onto the landscape beneath. Mesmerising to say the least!

*Silicone heat mat included. These beechwood tongs are available as an additional accessory.

DIMENSIONS 12.5cm (height) x 9cm (diameter)


  • TERRARIUMS Concrete, Glass (borosilicate), Aluminum (anondised)
  • INCENSE Sandalwood base, blend of essential oils and flowers for scent
  • FUROSHIKI Mixed natural fibre fabrics - linen, cotton


  • View VIDEO DEMONSTRATION on how to light a backflow incense holder.
  • Gently wipe with a damp cloth shortly after use. Do not rinse directly under water.
  • Metal parts will be very hot during and immediately after burning, care should be taken to avoid injury. Avoid contact with oily or coloured substances as these will stain the concrete.
  • Place this incense holder on the silicone mat while burning to avoid smoke damaging standing surface.
  • Characteristics such as air bubbles, slight unevenness, minor scratches or bumps are all incurred in the production process. These are not considered defects, but the charm and nature of concrete.