FACE MASK 2-PLY - plain

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MADE TO ORDER - production turnaround 1-2 weeks.

**We're overwhelmed with Face Mask orders right now - prioritising production of these as we endeavour to fulfil your orders ASAP. Currently, it's taking us about 1-week. Thank you for your patience!**


This 2-ply pleated cloth face mask is a Mrs Woo design solution. It features pleating and two layers of fabric to create a sturdy, breathable, washable and reusable cloth face mask for daily use. We've chosen only fabrics from our production range that are most suitable for the function of this accessory. It has been developed to -  

  • improve on the function, comfort and aesthetic value of the common, non-medical face mask on the market
  • offer our customers who want a Mrs Woo face mask that becomes part of their everyday wardrobe

UPDATE 28 June 2021 We've made an adjustment to our pleated face mask pattern - we're now making Version 2 which is longer from bridge of nose to chin than Version 1. This makes the face mask roomier and even more comfortable to wear over longer periods of time. The extra internal space around the nose and mouth also helps to reduce muffle when speaking. This version has also been tested to perform for -  

  • wearing with spectacles - minimal fogging with spectacles sitting on top of the face mask
  • wearing with beard - fit and comfort over beards by wearing the pointed tip over the chin


We've sized this design for best coverage on various face shapes.

SIZES *choose from -

  • SMALL for petite face shapes, recommended for women
  • MEDIUM for average size face shapes, recommended for men and women
  • LARGE for very broad, extra large and full face shapes, faces with beards

 CURRENT VERSION 2 MEASUREMENT OF MASKS *taken from top bridge of nose to chin, and across the face (edge to edge) -

  • SMALL approx. 18cm (28cm across)
  • MEDIUM approx. 22cm (32cm across)
  • LARGE approx. 25cm (35cm across)

**ARCHIVE MEASUREMENT OF VERSION 1** MEASUREMENT OF MASKS *taken from top bridge of nose to chin, and also across the face (edge to edge) -

  • SMALL approx. 16cm (26cm across)
  • MEDIUM approx. 19cm (28cm across)
  • LARGE approx. 21cm (30cm across) 


COLOURS *choose from -

  • NATURAL 55% Linen, 45% Cotton
  • CARAMEL 55% Linen, 45% Cotton
  • BLACK 55% Linen, 45% Cotton
  • NAVY 55% Linen, 45% Cotton
  • SAGE 55% Linen, 45% Cotton 



  • Benjamin wears Size M
  • Juliana wears Size S
  • Angela (with spectacles) wears Size S *showing the design solution for less fogging by sitting glasses over the nose bridge of the face mask

NOTE This pleated cloth face mask design is guided by recommendations from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for facial coverings during day-to-day activities. It is for individual and personal use. It is not a medical-grade surgical mask or N95 respirator.