HAKO PAPER Incense Leaves - Black set

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These incredible objects are HA KO (葉香, or "leaf aroma") PAPER inventions - a series of elegant and fragrant washi (rice paper) leaf-shaped incense.

As incense with a variety of soothing scents, they are designed to be safely lit to burn placed on top of a felt heat pad and dish - each leaf burns for around 7mins. To be honest, they are too beautiful to burn!

They are also designed to work as decorative potpourri. High quality natural essential oils are used to produce long-lasting scents - the aromas last up to 3 months.

Each box set comes with 6 x incense leaves, leaf-shaped heat pad and the lid of the box is to be used as heat-resistant dish.

Choose from -

  • RELAX - inspired by a tranquil forest mood, the aroma blend includes vetiver to help relieve tension, Japanese cypress and bergamot to calm the mind.
  • FOCUS - has a revitalising quality with its aroma blend of lemongrass (to stimulate the mind and body), cloves (to raise your spirits), peppermint and geranium for their refreshing properties.


  • LEAF 7.8cm (width) × 10.8cm (height) × 3cm (diameter)
  • BOX approx 9.5cm (diameter) x 4cm (height)



Founded in 1893, Japanese incense maker Kunjudo is reputed for bringing together centuries-old handcrafted incense-making with creative contemporary practice. They blend new ideas and sensibilities with traditional methods through a passion for creating fragrances for tomorrow, always exploring new uses of incense in daily life.