IKARI Candle (1 piece) 240mins

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In our search for a plant-based candle, we were completely enchanted by this IKARI candle by the good folks at Takazawa Candle. Its compelling 'anchor shape' was the main hook - the heavy top with a wide rim and a narrow base allows the candle is designed to create a large flame quickly as well as preventing wax from dripping down the candle. The nature of its beauty and function is in the wick that's made from a 16th century recipe of dried rush and washi, then shaped with sumac wax which has a soft natural scent.

The IKARI honours a traditional Japanese candle-making technique that produces a longer lasting and brigher candlelight that we can continue to enjoy today.

SIZE 1-piece

X MAKER B GALLAGHER Brass Holder Large Round is designed to hold this Ikari Candle, as well as the Tohaku L-Candle

BURN TIME 240min (4 hours)

DIMENSIONS 19cm (height)

MATERIALS Sumac wax, dried rush, washi (rice paper)