GRAPHITE Small Object - Peapod

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This Peapod graphite object is a completely unique artefact. An invention by Studio Batle, it's a sculpture and tool all at once. Modern and compelling, every part of its surface can be used to mark, to draw or write with - but doesn't rub off on your hands.

Using new technologies and traditional studio skills, each shape is originally carved and cast with a blend of natural graphite and a resin compound to prevent smudging on your hands. It is then fused under intense pressure and hand-finished with exquisite detail in-studio.

Each object is packaged in an elegant black gift box.

MATERIAL Graphite and resin compound

DIMENSIONS 10-12cm length

ORIGIN United States

Biology graduate and San Francisco based artist Agelio Batle is the inventor of these small hand-sized sculptures that are not only works of art, but also function as drawing tools. As the story goes, he had an epiphany during a late night drawing session when he noticed his hands covered with graphite. It's the hand that draws, not the pencil. This led him to craft, design and innovate his own process of molding graphite that doesn't stain.

“We discover things about ourselves and our thoughts by engaging the hand in a mark-making process.”