Garment and Fabric Care

We are invested in making good-fitting, comfortable clothing with a timeless character using high quality natural fibre fabrics. Our clothes are made with meaning and intention - to be treated well, truly enjoyed and valued for their use. This spirit of good design and quality production is imbued in every part of crafting these clothes.

When caring for the things you own, consult provided washing or care instructions. Keeping your things in good repair, necessary laundering and good storage is part of the caring process and allows you to enjoy the things you have for a longer time.

Here are the basic care guidelines for the fabrics we use.

100% Cotton and 100% Linen

These are strong, breathable, long-wearing and comfortable textiles. Wash in cool water with mild detergent (avoid harsh cleaners), hang in the shade to dry, iron on warm/hot steam heat setting as required, store clean and mended.

Cotton / Wool / Linen / Tencel / Silk blends

Wash in cool water with mild detergent (avoid harsh cleaners, do not bleach), hang in the shade to dry, iron on warm heat setting. Use moth or cedar wood balls, or camphor, when storing away during winter – dry, clean and mended.

100% Wool

Wool is resilient but needs care. Always cool hand-wash your wools with wool detergent or baby shampoo (see notes about silk). Do not warm wash or use a dryer as heat and friction will shrink wool. Do not wring or twist, instead hang to dry or roll in towel to extract water. Lay flat in shade to dry, always iron on warm heat steam setting (do not iron wool with dry iron). Knitted garments, including hand knits must never be hung – best to fold and store. Use moth or cedar wood balls, or camphor, when storing away during summer – dry, clean and mended.

Fine, Delicate Linen or Light Wool fabrics

Garments that are made with fine, delicate linen or light wool is best laundered by hand-washing in cool water with mild detergent. It is also possible to gentle machine wash but you must use place these garments in a laundry bag. Line dry or dry flat to re-shape the garment and prevent stretching. Please avoid rubbing the fabric and rough surfaces when wearing garments with these fine materials. Be cautious wearing jewellery, especially elaborate pieces, and carrying heavy bags to avoid pulling on the fabric.


Tencel is a man-made natural fibre from renewable plant materials, namely eucalyptus wood pulp. Part of the rayon family, it is the trade name for the generic fibre Lyocell. It is soft, breathable, lightweight, crease-resistant, comfortable, durable and biodegradable. Produced by a closed-loop manufacturing process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions, this textile represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles.

Gentle machine washing or hand-washing with cool water with a gentle detergent is recommended. Hang to dry in the shade and use a cool/warm heat steam setting to iron – be careful as too much direct heat may scorch the textile. Store clean and mended.