High Tea with Mrs Woo x Studio Melt


Studio Melt x High Tea with Mrs Woo have expanded to open a second store in Sydney, bringing their unique co-retail collaboration to Paddington’s iconic shopping strip. This incredible retail gallery experience of contemporary jewellery and slow fashion is beautifully set in a heritage building at 68 Oxford Street.

IMAGE CREDIT: Alex McIntyre Photography

A shared appreciation for the ethical, thoughtfully constructed and unique underpin the store’s distinctive offering and helped inform its design. The Sydney store is warm, light-filled and welcoming with timber floors, light wood tones and soothing colours. Much of the furnishings, fittings and settings were custom-made by the foursome’s creative partners and friends.

“We’re lucky to find ourselves in a beautiful old building [where] we’ve been able to blend contemporary craftsmanship with traditional character,” says Rowena.

It’s a feeling captured in details like the pairing of minimal light fittings on pressed metal ceilings, pared-back, hand-finished cabinetry against early 20th century wood flooring, and textured linen fabrics used to soften classic edges.

“There is a lot of beauty and information to take in. So, we were careful to keep the furnishings quiet but still maintain enduring style and character. We know it works because customers often spend 20 to 30 minutes in the store, being pulled into all the right details,” notes Hailey.

Excerpt from an article by Lisa Cugnetto for Broadsheet Sydney.



Every ending brings a new beginning. The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 changed many lives and ways of doing things. In Newcastle, it brought two of this city’s best established businesses together to create an exciting new co-retail store.

High Tea with Mrs Woo x Studio Melt co-retail store in the heart of Newcastle

IMAGE CREDIT: HunterHunter

With combined business and retail experience of 35 years, slow fashion designers High Tea with Mrs Woo and contemporary jewellery store Studio Melt join forces to create a beautiful and dynamic co-retail space in the heart of Newcastle. Located in the East End Village precinct, an exciting redeveloping part of the city, the store is a dreamy collaboration of craft and design in an intimate and delightful gallery setting.

"Stepping into their newly launched co-store is unlike any other retail experience we’ve ever had in Newcastle. Melding together two distinct businesses and their aesthetics, alongside the building’s curvature design, you're welcomed in to experience High Tea with Mrs Woo x Studio Melt," states Alicia Poole from the HunterHunter guide.


High Tea with Mrs Woo x Studio Melt co-retail store in the heart of NewcastleHigh Tea with Mrs Woo x Studio Melt co-retail store in the heart of Newcastle


Here, High Tea with Mrs Woo showcase their distinctive, sustainable clothing range alongside contemporary jewellery collections presented by Studio Melt.

“We are two businesses operating in one beautifully curated store, and it works. It’s a full experience. Our personal tastes align, even the way in which we consider materials are very similar,” shares Studio Melt founder, Ange Hailey.


High Tea with Mrs Woo x Studio Melt co-retail store in the heart of Newcastle


Every piece of furniture, fitting and setting is custom-crafted by local makers -  framing incredible collections of jewellery, clothing and objects that are hard to find anywhere else.

In this store, you'll discover textiles to objects that celebrate sustainable practices, long-lasting and slow-wearing ways. A thought, a moment, a scent, a light – beautifully useful, artisan and heirloom pieces from skilled hands to your hands.


High Tea with Mrs Woo x Studio Melt co-retail store in the heart of Newcastle