DAIYO CANDLES SET 20pcs Rice Wax with stand - Natural

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These 100% vegan candles by Warosoku Daiyo are completely hand-crafted by Japanese tradition and artisanship. Made with unique rice bran wax, they burn stably and beautifully without excess dripping wax. These candles also give very little smoke with a larger and brighter flame than modern paraffin candles.

These incredible candles are natural through and through - undyed, unscented, sustainable, vegan and completely earth-friendly. And don't let their size fool you - rice wax burns 1.8 times longer than the average candle!

Beautifully packaged with a square ceramic candle stand, this box set is ready for gifting - you can choose Beige or Black ceramic stand.

SIZE box set of 20 pieces

BURN TIME 40min per candle

DIMENSIONS D10mm x H45mm

MATERIALS Rice wax, rush weed, washi (rice paper), silk fibre, porcelain and iron (candle stand)



These candles are made by Daiyo, who have been committed to making genuine Japanese candles with 100% vegetable wax since 1914.  Based in Shiga Prefecture, this artisanship has been passed down across four generations.