September 16, 2019




A stain on my perfect intention. A blot spreading on the hand I use to control it all. A crinkle in my perfect circle. A pin prick glitch that leads to my unravelling. A breath of wind that opens into a storm, rushing towards my ultimate surrender. A homage to the beauty of the imperfect.


We collaborated with multi-disciplinary duo The Samaya Wives in costuming for the Catapult Flipside's Choreographic Hub Residency.

We loved working with Tara and Pippa in developing costuming for them to explore the philosophy of wabisabi through dance and film choreography.

We developed costume to adapt to a narrative flow and collaborated on scenarios with The Samaya Wives to produce this dance film. It was screened for one night only at the Newcastle Art Gallery, 27th September 2019.




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