August 09, 2019

Wrapped up in you and me

Wrapped up in you and me

Enfolded in some beautiful cuts of cloth, we had the wonderful opportunity recently to explore the qualities of some of our favourite garments with filmographer Pippa Samaya, fabulous contemporary dancer Tara Jade Samaya and her sister Siana Soh.

In this series of photographs, we explore and uncover a ramble of thoughts, expressions and values. We looked at the character of the well-worn and the new, the classic and the unconventional. We matched up garments in playful movement and shapeful gestures.

We pondered on the collar and the sleeve as narratives and allegories. We looked at what these clothes are proposing, how they want to collect stories into their folds and carry them far into the future.

Most of the styles in these photographs have been in our design range for a decade already. We keep making them because they're still relevant, still work and are still very much loved. You know them... they are made to know you.