April 24, 2019

#WhoMadeMyClothes Walking Trail for FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK 2019

#WhoMadeMyClothes Walking Trail for FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK 2019

As part of Fashion Revolution Week, we’re organising a WhoMadeMyClothes Walking Trail across Newcastle city on Saturday 27th April.

This walking trail takes you across Newcastle city, bringing to attention the business owner-operators, designer-makers, tailors and craftspoeple that are ‘manufacturing’ on-site, providing sustainable clothing solutions, sharing skills and knowledge.

Through our community initiative Slow Wearing Well, we are hosting this event to encourage you to discover the people and their work, diversity of styles, designs, opportunities and skills that are so easily accessible to you in your own home town.

It’s just so fantastic that there is such a wide range of businesses in town that actually produce clothing and accessories in their stores and premises. All within walking distance.

You can have a full made-to-measure, tailored suit made by the 100 year old business Rundle Tailoring or a bespoke dress by Jean Bas Studio. You can source incredible Scandinavian and Japanese fabrics from pappasven and Alie Jane Travel Accessories, and connect with Sonny and Scout and MakeSpace to learn making and mending skills. You can choose to buy a handmade leather bag from The Lair and CCY Studio that are stitching one bag at a time, right under your noses. You can discover unique styles at High Tea with Mrs WooFringe DwellerWith Love Bree-LaceyIke & Fly… these are the kinds of wonderful stores and people that you would experience when you travel to other towns, other countries. Well, they are right here...

**EVENT HAS ENDED** BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - follow the trail online @slowwearingwell