July 28, 2017

#fridayplayday GAME ON!

#fridayplayday GAME ON!

We started #fridayplayday to give ourselves a regular opportunity to stretch our creative muscles, as well as time to make for the love of it!

Our play rules (and we have to have rules -!) are things must be made with remnant and, or end-roll fabrics. Ah, that's it, actually!



Over the last few Fridays, we've had fun looking at all the bits of fabric we've stashed aside (we're hoarders...!) and assembling fabric pieces from clothing ranges we made as long as 5, 8, 10 years ago! to make some simple objects, accessories... possibilities...

And of course, we couldn't help but make some garments too. We loved making our new shift dress so much that we've turned them into seasonal studies - offering them to you as our Field Study dress.



Being makers, making clothing as our livelihood, means we don't have time to make clothes for ourselves and our family. So we're using #fridayplayday to make time. It's really important, actually. Our kids are pretty happy about it!




Anyway, our kids are doing a great job showing us how to play better, and play more :)

We'll continue posting all this fun on our Facebook and Instagram feeds - keep up to date with our #fridayplayday there!