June 06, 2024

IKE & FLY | Meet Sally Doe

IKE & FLY | Meet Sally Doe

We first met Sally when she had the tiniest hole-in-the wall studio store in a tucked-away city arcade back around 2018. Sally had moved from Melbourne to Newcastle. We organised a sustainability walking tour as part of our Slow Wearing Well initiative and introduced Sally’s work to locals.

We’re so pleased to feature IKE & FLY as part of Mrs Woo 20th Anniversary Showcase.



MRS WOO : How long have you had your business Ike & Fly? Did it start up initially as a store or a label?

SALLY : 15 years... I started as a label selling at markets, and then online. I opened my first shop in Melbourne in 2015. 


MRS WOO : There’s a boyish, vintage-inspired style to your work. We love the way you’ve used plaids, boiled wool, wide-wale corduroy in your collection… and vintage prints and french linen for your summer range are so beautiful too. Where does your love for fabrics and source of creativity come from?

SALLY : I’ve always sewn but I think my love of fabrics began when I started collecting and selling vintage clothing. I began making hats out of a mountain of excess stock I had taking up space. They were really popular and I collected vintage fabrics and linens to make more hats.

I fell in love with the thrill of the hunt, turning my finds into offerings that customers enjoyed and knowing I was making products that were practical, stylish, well-made and sustainable.

I tend to tap into a library 20th century images for inspiration. Whether it’s 1930’s depression era domestic scenes or 1970’s resort wear fashion glamour photography - these are a rich source of story telling that I find a compelling starting point for my own work.

What I find exciting is the challenge of reinterpreting classic styles into contemporary wearable pieces.


MRS WOO : You are the designer AND the maker of your products. What can you tell us about having strong making skills, and how it’s important to your slow fashion and sustainability practices?

SALLY : I think initially working with vintage clothing and fabrics that stood the test of time gave me an appreciation for quality fabrics and construction as well as being a sustainable resource. That has carried through to the present where I do source modern fabrics but in a mindful way.

I use natural fibres from local suppliers and cut and sew all my work. There is minimal waste as I can usually find a way to use small offcuts in my pieces.


MRS WOO : 15 years of Ike & Fly is no mean feat for a small, slow fashion Australian business! What do you love about what you do that keeps you going, that many people would not know or realise?

SALLY : You have to enjoy it. I think we can put so much pressure on ourselves and stress can impede creativity especially in these challenging economic times. Staying connected with your local creative community is really helpful. Go with the flow and keep the mind open and the hands busy!

IKE & FLY beautiful range is now available in High Tea with Mrs Woo's NEWCASTLE and SYDNEY stores. Also more information on IKE & FLY via Sally's website.

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