June 13, 2024

LAZYBONES | by Tracey Hocking

LAZYBONES | by Tracey Hocking

We remember admiring Lazybones designs in Sydney, gosh - more than a decade ago now. Well, it left a lasting memory as Tracey’s work came to mind to feature as part of our birthday showcase. Tracey tells us that she closed her Paddington store in 2013 which makes us very pleased to bring Lazybones back to the neighbourhood more than a decade later!

If you're a supporter or collector of Australian designs, no doubt you'll have heard of Lazybones. Perhaps you even own one or two of their iconic, vintage-inspired clothing and bedding in your collection 

Going on 25 years, we're inspired by this strong slow fashion business - and thrilled that Lazybones agreed to be part of Mrs Woo 20th Anniversary Showcase.



We're fascinated by the slow-making connections that brings Lazybones beautiful textiles to the world. Tracey and her team work with a long-established family factory in India have Fairtrade and GOTS certification, using yarn grown by the Chetna Project which assists farmers to grow organically and guarantees them fair prices for their crops. And alongside, Tracey works with local craftspeople and supports their regional economy.

Responsible supply, relationships and design from farm to factory to you, it really is one of the more ideal ways for our clothes and textiles to be made.

"As a small business we're driven by our social and ecological responsibility," says Tracey. "We want to reflect our integrity in the way we create and deliver our collections. We aim to create quality products with an ethical awareness."



"We want to continue making lovely things for our wonderful customers, but need to ensure what we make is thoughtfully and carefully produced."

Lazybones is beautiful, not just in their aesthetics but the way their textile products are made in equal, caring measure. You feel it on your skin and in your home - it's the kind of true beauty you love to wear and use, again and again.


LAZYBONES organic cotton range is now available in High Tea with Mrs Woo's NEWCASTLE and SYDNEY stores.