March 14, 2017



We're thrilled to be sharing some happy news! Our sister Ange's house just won Small Projects and New House categories at Newcastle Architecture Awards! Designed by her husband Matt Travis from SHAC Architecture, they were surprised and thrilled that their small house design won over such a diverse range of buildings and budgets.



Here's what Ange has to say about their MA House...

Looks can be deceiving! It really is only 98sqm which is smaller than a typical 3-bedroom apartment. It has no front door, is built on a narrow block (168sqm) on a narrow street, on our neighbour's garage plot.



We gave ourselves a brief to encourage simple, compact, minimal living. It has to be small, tight, filled with light, hardy, functional, flexible, open-able, close-able, affordable, sustainable, easy to maintain, less space for less stuff. So we can spend less time spending, cleaning and accumulating, and more time cooking, playing, making, sharing, experiencing, being healthy. So we can adjust our flexible space as our family's needs change. So we can have regular pot-lucks and play-dates with family and friends. So we can go camping and bushwalking, travelling and adventuring more. So we can ride our bike to work, to school, to play, easily. So we can live intentionally and economically.

I'm lucky to have Matt as partner in life and crime, and architect, for making this dream a reality :)


Thank you to Alexander McIntyre for the beautiful photography.