February 01, 2021

When Your Killer Look is a Smooth, Stiff Drink

When Your Killer Look is a Smooth, Stiff Drink

So... Julse showed up to the photoshoot with her Chinese Demi Moore haircut and, well... one thing led to another and the rest is a bittersweet night cap with a new cocktail in town.

The recipe for this tonic - this potion! - was effervesced by a once surreal time in Shanghai, a docket of longing for travel, the ache of missing family, loves and woes... 

Smokey, bitter, sweet - your vibe is a high rise, past life at the old Peace Hotel jazz bar on Nanjing Road, and you've got a cocktail named after you.

Miami Moore

  • 1 part Negroni
  • 1 part Gin
  • 1 part Cinzano Rosso
  • top up with sparkling or tonic
  • add 1 or 3 Lychees (canned, in syrup) soaked in Campari
  • stir to serve

*This recipe is for bitter tastebuds. If you'd like life a little sweeter, add 1 part Lychee syrup.


Santé! x