January 25, 2018


Recipes by High Tea with Mrs Woo.

This summer and holiday season, we've been celebrating the many ways that we gather and get together - with others as well as for ourselves. From dressing well to eating good, we are inspired to do things as straightforwardly and meaningfully as we can.

Sharing meals is something we do all the time, and pizza pot-luck is one of our favourite ways to gather together with family and friends.

We prepare bases and pizza sauce, everyone brings their leftovers, themselves and their kids! Empty your fridge, pick leaves from your garden, raid your cupboard we say! From simple Napolitana and Margherita, to lamb, mint and feta Fiesta, to the ultimate pot-luck Supreme - make, bake and share.

It's easy and fun, and give us time to share-play our kids with friends and a chance to chat whilst inventing amazing one-off pizzas at the same time. Win-win!

So, here's the recipe we use to make the pizza bases for our pot-luck gatherings.



Ingredients for 6 x thin pizza bases

*depending on how many people are joining you for dinner, we make dough to make up to 24 pizzas -!

280g water

1 tbs granulated instant yeast

25g olive oil

500g plain flour, or wholemeal to your liking

2 tsp salt

extra flour for spreading on the baking sheet




Put water and oil into a bowl and mix.

Add yeast, flour and salt and mix into a dough.

Knead dough for about 10mins.

Remove dough, form into a ball and place into a slightly greased bowl. Cover the bowl with a wet towel and let the rough rise until doubled (about 30mins to 1hour depending on yeast type used).

The original recipe suggests dividing the dough into 2 or 4 balls and let them rest for 15mins. But once the dough has risen, I go ahead and get my hands into it - dividing the dough into 6 balls and using a rolling pin to flatten the dough into shape.



Place pizza bases on individual sheets of baking paper ready for topping. 

Add toppings of choice and bake in a hot oven at 220*C for about 20mins. Timing will depend on toppings used.





NOTE ABOUT RISING DOUGH If you're not sure if your dough has risen, take a marble-sized pinch off the dough ball and put it in a glass of water. If the ball of dough rises to the surface of the water, it means your yeast has proved and your dough is ready for the next step.

NOTE ABOUT STORING DOUGH If this batch of dough is more than you need, wrap the extra in cling film and store in fridge until the next day. Knead for 30secs to re-awakened the dough before using.

NOTE ABOUT FREEZING DOUGH If you have leftover dough, flatten them into bases sized to fit in your freezer and part cook them in the oven. Cool and wrap the bases to store in your freezer and there, you have some pizza bases for those nights or weekends you need to whip up a quick dinner.

 *this recipe was adapted from superkitchenmachine.com


DOUGH KNEADING IMAGES by Alexander McIntyre Photography

PIZZA IMAGES by High Tea with Mrs Woo.