February 23, 2018

NEW YEAR 2018 with artist Michael Bell

NEW YEAR 2018 with artist Michael Bell

We asked renowned artist Michael Bell to produce an installation for our store for this year’s Chinese New Year window exhibition series.


In celebrating the Year of the Dog, Michael produced drawings of his muse-pet dog Chicko as a pair of lucky ‘Foo Dogs’ demi-gods that he screen-printed directly on the glass window. Accompanied by smaller dog icons in paper-cut style prints, we collaborated with Michael on the environment of the installation with paper gold coins and shiny red cellophane trimmings, intimating Chinese symbols of luck, fortune and festivity.


We’re also thrilled to have collaborated with Michael on a special edition couplet-style noren that we’ve constructed, featuring Michael’s ‘Foo Dogs’ screenprinted on sturdy-weight, Japanese washed cotton canvas. These are available made-to-order.

Email us if you'd like to order one!


We love Michael’s work and are particularly inspired by his practice of over 30 years. Though he is recognised for his early work with Mambo, we continue to follow and enjoy the development of his honest and humorous studies on ‘local’ culture. We’re inspired by the exploration and constancy of work that he produces - such admirable signs of hardwork and dedication that we respect and make effort to achieve in our own practice!

In heralding a brave and bright new year of devoted Dog spirit, we are honoured to have been able to celebrate and share these qualities and strong sentiments with Michael’s installation in our store.