BOSTON socks - Wool Cotton Slab

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The Boston sock is made as a classic old-school rib design in muted, nostalgic colour options. Wool and cotton yarn intertwine in a slab weave, giving the socks that comfort, vintage look that ages beautifully with wear. It also gives a lovely natural texture feel to them. The combination of material and shape keeps these excellent socks well on your feet. Great with boots, it's a breathe-easy piece to wear throughout the year.

MATERIALS 57% Cotton, 38% Wool, 4% Polyester, 1% Elastane


  • Medium 25-27cm
  • Large 27-29cm


These super socks are made by Nishiguchi Kutsushita - a Japanese knit factory established in 1950. Known for their high quality and long-lasting accessories, they produce textile pieces that consider daily and seasonal needs with great beauty and purpose.

"We are dedicated to creating products that provide incomparable value to our customers. Under our concept of 'making your day extraordinary', we create accessories that are of the best quality and comfort to make you perform your best on whatever the day may bring."