UZUMAKI - mini spiral incense

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Brought to you by Piece of Japan (POJ) Studio, these Uzumaki (渦巻, or "spiral") mini incense swirls blend traditional methods with contemporary craft. Small but mighty, they have a beautifully slow burn time of 35-40mins to enjoy the lasting scent. A heat-resistant felt pad is included for you to use for burning the incense safely.

Yuzu (yellow) Japanese citron and Hinoki (black) Japanese cypress are traditionally used for their therapeutic and health benefits.


  • HINOKI (black) Japanese cypress wood aroma
  • YUZU (yellow) Japanese citrus aroma


  • SPIRAL INCENSE approx 2.5cm (diameter)
  • BOX approx 7.5 x 4cm

BURN TIME 35-40 mins per incense spiral



Designers Tina Koyama and Hana Tsukamoto connect traditional Japanese crafts with contemporary practice as POJ (Pieces of Japan) STUDIO. They develop incredible kit-experiences, decor and ritual objects by working with artisans across Japan with the passion to preserve and bring centuries-old craftsmanship to the modern home.