HIBI Incense - Traditional Scent

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HIBI incense is a truly unique and beautiful scent innovation. Made in Hyogo prefecture in Japan, famous for the traditional craft of incense blending, hibi (meaning ‘days’) incorporates natural paper fibres, wax and charcoal into meticulously balanced incense powders, creating these self-striking incense sticks. They burn safely resting on the reusable pad provided.

The TRADITIONAL SCENT incense fragrance range is inspired by classic aromatics. Each incense stick burns for 10-minutes, inviting you to enjoy a moment’s peace and reflection any time that you need it.

  • SANDALWOOD - a classic warm and woody scent with a lingering creamy aroma. With its enduring significance in many religious ceremonies, Sandalwood is a gentle invitation to meditation and reflection.

  • YUZU - a lively and warm citron aroma, this is a popular scent for elevating your mood with soothing effects.

  • JAPANESE CYPRESS - also known as Hinoki, this wood scent has a distinctively smooth and smoky aroma. A beautiful choice for those with a longing to visit or return to Japan.

  • CINNAMON - sweet and powdery with a warm, bisucity fragrance. This spicy scent has a nostalgic charm familiar to all.

QUANTITY 8 incense sticks per box

MEASUREMENT Box 5.7cm x 5.7cm x 2cm


1. Hold the incense stick with your fingers close to the head of the stick. *This prevents the incense stick from breaking, especially if your location is in a humid area.

2. Strike the incense stick like a match.

3. Once ignited, allow the fire to envelop the head of the incense stick.

4. Allow the fire to extinguish and smoke, then place the incense stick on the reusable heat pad.

5. Time out for 10 fragrant minutes - enjoy!

hibi - how to use