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This stunning candle is the collaboration of artist, poet and parfum. Southern Sky is a tribute to the Milky Way, inspired by the poem A May Night on the Mountains by Henry Lawson, captured by photographer Liam Foster. The woody scent of moss, spice and dark amber accord imagines "curling smoke from a crackling campfure under the gum trees, reaching up to a million sparking stars."

Southern Wild Co combine their love of Australian literature, art and design and the science of scent-making, to create a truly sublime candle range.

SCENT blend of essential oils and fine fragrances - Cinnamon / Amber / Oak Moss

DETAILS 300g / 10oz soy wax blend, 100% cotton wicks, 70hr burn time.


TIP To ensure an even and smoke-free burn, trim wick to 5mm before every use, and allow burn pool to reach full glass width before extinguishing. Learn more about candle care here.