HAKO PAPER Incense Leaves - Black Set in copper canister

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Brought to you by POJ STUDIO, these incredible objects are HA KO (葉香, or "leaf aroma") PAPER inventions - a series of elegant and fragrant washi (rice paper) leaf-shaped incense. In collaboration with Kato Seisakusho, this set of incense comes in a traditioanally handcrafted copper canister.

Incense with a variety of soothing scents, they are designed to burn safely resting on the reusable felted heat pad provided - each leaf burns for around 7mins. They are also designed to work as decorative potpourri. High quality natural essential oils are used to produce long-lasting scents - the aromas last up to 3 months.

The canister is an heirloom object that honours a century of traditional craftsmanship, built to be used for generations. Copper is a beautifully fluid material, changing and developing a deep patina as the years go by.


  • 7 x unique leaf-shaped incense per set, choose from -
    • RELAX - inspired by a tranquil forest mood, the aroma blend includes vetiver to help relieve tension, Japanese cypress and bergamot to calm the mind.
    • FOCUS - has a revitalising quality with its aroma blend of lemongrass (to stimulate the mind and body), cloves (to raise your spirits), peppermint and geranium for their refreshing properties.
  • 100% copper canister, handcrafted by Kato Seisakusho using traditional methods
  • Reusable felted heat pad


  • LEAF W78mm × H108mm × D30mm
  • CANNISTER W95mm x H45mm



Designers Tina Koyama and Hana Tsukamoto connect traditional Japanese crafts with contemporary practice as POJ (Pieces of Japan) STUDIO. They develop incredible kit-experiences, decor and ritual objects by working with artisans across Japan with the passion to preserve and bring centuries-old craftsmanship to the modern home.



Kato Seisakusho has been manufacturing traditional Japanese tea vessels since 1895. Every component is cut and rolled from sheet metal, using foot pedal operated cutters, and assembled with pressure as opposed to solder. This process has remained consistent throughout the decades, with most of the work performed artisans who have immersed in the craft for close to a century.


Founded in 1893, Japanese incense maker Kunjudo is a family-run business with over 120 years experiece in Awaji Island - the birthplace of Japanese incense culture. They've created the world's first and only leaf-shaped incense, bringing together centuries-old handcrafted incense-making with creative contemporary practice.