HAKO PAPER Incense Leaves Set with ceramic dish

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Brought to you by POJ STUDIO, these incredible objects are HA KO (葉香, or "leaf aroma") PAPER inventions - a series of elegant and fragrant washi (rice paper) leaf-shaped incense.

Incense with a variety of soothing scents, they are designed to burn safely resting on the reusable felted heat pad provided - each leaf burns for around 7mins. They are also designed to work as decorative potpourri. High quality natural essential oils are used to produce long-lasting scents - the aromas last up to 3 months.


  • 6 x leaf-shaped incense (Spicy Jasmine, Elegance Citrus, Smoky Cinnamon, White Floral, Green Grass, True Aqua)
  • Ceramic dish
  • Reusable felted heat pad
  • Reusable wood box packaging


  • LEAF W78mm × H108mm × D30mm
  • BOX SIZE W108mm × H108mm × D40mm
  • BOX WEIGHT 125g



Designers Tina Koyama and Hana Tsukamoto connect traditional Japanese crafts with contemporary practice as POJ (Pieces of Japan) STUDIO. They develop incredible kit-experiences, decor and ritual objects by working with artisans across Japan with the passion to preserve and bring centuries-old craftsmanship to the modern home.


Founded in 1893, Japanese incense maker Kunjudo is a family-run business with over 120 years experiece in Awaji Island - the birthplace of Japanese incense culture. They've created the world's first and only leaf-shaped incense, bringing together centuries-old handcrafted incense-making with creative contemporary practice.