TRADITIONAL INCENSE CONES for House incense holders

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A beautiful soothing practice, lighting and enjoying incense allows you to take a moment, to unwind or gather your thoughts.

Here, we have a selection of traditional incense cones packaged in small gift boxes of 15 pieces to use with Pull+Push Studio objectsHouse, Tou and Cottage incense pots.

  • PALO SANTO x NAG CHAMPA BLEND brings together the champa flower, masala spice and palo santo to produce a sweet woody, citrusy pine scent that has a clarifying property.
  • LAVENDER x NAG CHAMPA BLEND is a resinous floral mix of champa flower, masala spice and lavender that provides a soft, relaxing aroma to bring calm and comfort.
  • CINNAMON x NAG CHAMPA BLEND of warmth and sweetness from the champa flower with the spicy aromatics of cinnamon is lovely for its purifying energy and positive vibrations.
  • JASMINE x NAG CHAMPA BLEND has a heady, rich floral fragrance that works beautifully with nag champa to produce a deep scent for a soothing atomosphere.
  • SANDALWOOD x NAG CHAMPA BLEND features the champa flower, masala spice with the grounding, earthy aroma of sandalwood traditionally used to relax the nervous system.

NOTE Traditional incense cones will not work on Backflow incense holders

BURN TIME 15-20mins per incense cone

ORIGIN India and Nepal


Gathered from Satya, Shrinivas Sugandhalaya and Lovely Incense suppliers, these incense cones are sourced for their 100% natural ingredients and ethical production practices. Herbs, spices, flowers, resins and essential oils are blended to create these incense cones.