TRADITIONAL INCENSE Cones for House incense holders

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A beautiful soothing practice, lighting and enjoying incense allows you to take a moment, to unwind or gather your thoughts. Here, we have a selection of traditional incense cones packaged in small gift boxes of 15 pieces to use with Pull+Push Studio objectsHouse, Tou and Cottage incense pots.

  • SANDALWOOD has a grounding, earthy aroma that is traditionally used to relax the nervous system.
  • DRAGON'S BLOOD is a sweet, soft, amber-like aroma with a cleansing and calming effect.
  • RED ROSE quintessential rich rose scent, purifying and mood-boosting.
  • NAG CHAMPA features the champa flower and masala spice to create the earthy fragrance it is famous for.
  • WHITE SAGE is enjoyed for its soothing, herbaceous scent and traditional detoxifying qualities.
  • VANILLA is the well-loved warm and comforting scent from this orchid family manifested in sweet woody fragrance.
  • COCONUT produces a luscious, creamy aroma that is well-known for its calming properties.

NOTE Traditional incense cones will not work on Backflow incense holders

BURN TIME 15-25mins per incense cone

ORIGIN India and Nepal


Gathered from Auroshikha, Satya and Lovely Incense suppliers, these incense cones are sourced for their 100% natural ingredients and ethical production practices. Herbs, spices, flowers, resins and essential oils are blended to a sandalwood base to create these incense cones.