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We've sourced these beautiful silk threads by Fujix Japan for their reliability and extremely high quality. Their wonderful texture and lustre is excellent for kintsugi-mending purposes.

Although these threads were created for sewing silk garments they have grown in popularity over the decades for hand embroidery, needlepoint, hand stitching, quilting, beading and many more handcrafts.

Each card contains 40m of thread - plenty of thread to mend many garments.

FIBRE 100% Silk


DESCRIPTION Size #9 Handsewing thread, S-twist

COMPOSITION 23 dtex 9 x 2

*RECOMMENDED NEEDLE SIZE Silk needles 7~9, Regular needles 5~9


Founded in 1921, Fujix created silk threads for sewing silk garments. This hand sewing thread has been made with strength and composition originally to sew kimono, but have been a reliable and much-loved thread to use on domestic projects worldwide for decades now. See Sewing Needles here.


Borrowing from the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold alloy, we’ve developed a kintsugi for clothing practice as a way to cherish and extend the life of our favourite garments by visible mending with gold thread.

WATCH OUR VIDEO TUTORIAL for Modified Eyelet Stitch as a kintsugi for clothing mending technique