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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics by mending the areas of breakage with urushi lacquer followed by dusting with powdered gold. 
POJ STUDIO collaborated with a master restorer and multi-generation urushi lacquer craftsmen to bring you the most authentic version of a Kintsugi Kit. Together with a free online masterclass, this kit allows you to practice the Japanese art of repair from the comfort of your home.

NOTE This traditional technique allows you to fix any of your broken ceramics to be completely food safe and can be used with hot liquids once the Urushi has properly dried.

This kintsugi kit includes:

  • 10g Kiurushi (raw lacquer)
  • 10g Eurushi (raw lacquer in traditional red that serves as an important base colour before using the gold powder)
  • 0.1g 24k Gold Powder
  • 15g Tonoko Powder (clay powder)
  • 600 & 1500 Sandpaper
  • 2 pairs of Gloves
  • 2 types of Brushes
  • 1 x Spatula
  • 1 x Masking tape

DIMENSIONS (box) L21cm x W8.5cm x H5cm



While urushi can cause skin irritation in its raw, wet state, once it has completely cured and hardened, it is absolutely food safe. Urushi is one of the most durable natural materials and thus extremely well-suited for environmentally-responsible, long-lasting repair of ceramics, porcelain, and other wares.

Urushi is the sap from the urushi tree - a completely natural substance but contains a compound that can cause an allergic reaction similar to poison ivy. Proper handling like wearing gloves and a long-sleeve shirt and thoroughly washing areas that came in contact with the compound will prevent an allergic reaction. If you accidentally touch urushi, wipe the area with turpentine immediately and wash with soap. If you do develop a rash, do not touch the area and consult your doctor immediately for medical attention. Putting on lotion will also help protect the skin.

In using urushi, I am agreeing that -

I will be aware of my surroundings. If I accidentally come in contact with urushi, I will massage the affected area well with any plant-based oil straight away to remove urushi from my skin. I understand that POJ Studio is not liable for any adverse reactions caused by urushi.





Designers Tina Koyama and Hana Tsukamoto connect traditional Japanese crafts with contemporary practice as POJ (Pieces of Japan) STUDIO. They develop incredible kit-experiences, decor and ritual objects by working with artisans across Japan with the passion to preserve and bring centuries-old craftsmanship to the modern home.