INCENSE POT Noloshi - Natural

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This rugged, concrete Noloshi object is an incense burner made of mortar. Part modern apartment building part historical bunker, it features exposed metal parts, fine wire embedded in the tiny window openings and a pipe leg. The brass chimney is designed to for the incemse smoke to rise straight up, like a 'smoke signal' that sends a message to a distant place.

A charming and playful motif of home - we love all the careful, handmade details that make this object so beautiful.

You can use your favourite incense cones from your usual supplier or you can choose from our mixed range here.

MATERIALS Mortar (main body), stainless steel mesh, brass (chimney)

DIMENSIONS W50 x D52 x H100 mm



Handcrafted in batches by Nobuhiro Sato and his small team in Kyoto, each piece is made one-by-one by pouring mortar that's commonly used in building materials into a wooden mold. Expect colour uneveness due to the impression of wood grain that comes from each mold, creating a warm and simple texture. There are fine chips and bubbles to enjoy as the texture of this work.

"Burn incense and cover it with this building-shaped cover, watch the smoke rise from the chimney. Looking at the slowly swaying smoke of incense, I feel that time is slowly flowing. At the end of the day, why not spend a quiet moment burning your favourite incense... and when you don't burn incense, you may enjoy decorating it like a cityscape with small items."