SAUCER Sunaba - Medium

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The SUNABA is a round concrete saucer. Thoughtfully designed to work as a 'water tray' for planters, it's inspired by the motif of a sandbox in a park. It's a display plinth for any of the incense pots or planters by Nobuhiro Sato, but you can also use it as a base plate for air plants or any other potted plants.

Available in Natural or Black.

*House/Planter not included.

DIMENSIONS (Medium Size) H2.3cm, D16cm

MATERIALS Mortar, Sand (included)



Based in Kyoto Japan, Nobuhiro Sato and his small team individually craft these incredible objects by hand using the same techniques and materials for constructing buildings. With the passage of time, these objects will change and take on their own expressions, just like any landscape where nature and the man-made coexist.