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This stunning large jar candle is the collaboration of artist, poet and parfum. Hidden Vale is inspired by the ancient beauty of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and the poem On Australian Hills by Ada Cambridge, captured by artist Natasha Daniloff. The candle imagines "the warmth of last light on majestic cliffs as shadows come to rest in the hidden gullies below."

SCENT blend of essential oils and fine fragrances - Mountain Air Accord / Wild Wood / Moss


DETAILS 300g / 10oz soy wax, 100% cotton wick

ORIGIN Australia

TIP To ensure an even and smoke-free burn, trim wick to 5mm before every use, and allow burn pool to reach full glass width before extinguishing. Please read the care instructions on the bottom label. Learn more about candle care here.


Based in the Blue Mountains, Southern Wild Co is the beautiful work of Tania Robinson. She combines her love of Australian literature, art and design and the science of scent-making, to create this truly sublime candle range.