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This beautifully made, earthy Coffee Mug is a perfect size, shape, fit and feel for daily use. Each piece is handcrafted by ceramicist Sharon Alpren.

To us, this series of tableware feels like a contemporary take on the classic Finnish pottery, Arabia - highly functional glazed stoneware with a robust yet textured, rustic style - an absolute pleasure to use for every meal.

Sharon fires her kiln to 1250 degrees, usually in a reduction atmosphere which creates a diverse range of tones in the clay and textures in the glaze. Each piece brings a great sense of materiality, texture and tactility into our domestic lives.

Sharon Alpren is a potter based in the Macedon Ranges, VIC. After working for many years in London as a fashion and homewares buyer, Sharon found herself in outback VIC and fell deeply in love with clay and its processes. She works with her hands - pinching, coiling and slabbing, shaping, throwing on the wheel - making a variety of pots for the home, both practical and sculptural.

"I want to make pieces that are used and loved, that people pick up and touch, feel their imperfections, sense the raw, earthy materials. Pots that are inspired by ageless processes, yet are very contemporary".