NANAO PLANT Candle (1 piece) 110-130mins

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The NANAO PLANT series of sumac wax candles are simply beautiful objects. Each shape is in a motif inspired by different plants that grow on the Noto Peninsula where these candles are produced - each shape is named after the letter of 'plant'. Here, you can choose your favourite shapes individually.

*Fits on Small Round Brass Holder by maker. b gallagher

SIZE Choose from shape options P - L - A - N - T (1 piece)

DIMENSIONS 11cm (height)

BURN TIME 110 - 130mins per candle (approx 2hours each)

MATERIALS Sumac wax, dried rush, washi (rice paper)



The dedicated artisans of Takazawa Candle have been crafting these beautiful objects since 1842. Known for the consistently bright light of their candles, the NANAO honours a traditional Japanese candle-making technique that we can continue to enjoy today.