SEN Incense Sticks x50 - Hinoki Cypress

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Brought to you by Piece of Japan (POJ) Studio, these short-length SEN incense sticks last 12 minutes, which is a perfect time for a quick pause in your day. Fill your home with the soothing aroma of Hinoki (black) Japanese cypress which is traditionally used for its therapeutic and health benefits.

Each box contains 50 sticks.

DIMENSIONS approx length 6cm 

BURN TIME approx 12 minutes per stick


Pair this beautiful incense with the incredible Incense Holder Brass Set.

If you'd like a longer duration incense, try the UZUMAKI mini spiral incense which has a burn time of 35-40 minutes.


Designers Tina Koyama and Hana Tsukamoto connect traditional Japanese crafts with contemporary practice as POJ (Pieces of Japan) STUDIO. They develop incredible kit-experiences, decor and ritual objects by working with artisans across Japan with the passion to preserve and bring centuries-old craftsmanship to the modern home.


This kit is brought to you in collaboration with the Uozumi family, a business carrying a legacy of over 120 years. Based in Awaji island, a region said to be the original birthplace of incense in Japan.

The history of incense in Japan dates back to an April day in 595 AD, according to The Chronicles of Japan (720 AD) when a piece of aromatic wood drifted to the shores of Awaji Island. With its year-long warm climate and ample sea breeze, the island is an ideal place to dry the incense - a crucial process in its making.